Where To Start

There are different DEI stages

01. Helping you find and present the business argument for doing DEI work in your business or organization

02. Bringing current best practices and comparative data to your planning, training, and development

03. Conducting timely and understandable assessments of DEI positives and risks

04. Strategizing with you to meet your business or organization where it is in the continuum of DEI possibility from commitment statements to crisis management

05. Supporting you through each step of your DEI work from hiring and retention to training and board development

Why ‘The Firm’


DEI matters left unattended are a risk to your bottom line. Left unattended long enough, they can be a threat to your business.

The Firm offers a range of expertise that would cost millions in FTE positions. Get a whole team at the rate and frequency you need that prioritizes your bottom line.

Human capital can be your greatest asset … leveraging these assets is a full-time focus that we can support.

Hiring costs money. Replacing short time employees costs more money. The Firm has demonstrated success in hiring, onboarding and retention that will benefit your bottom line.

Things happen no matter how prepared you are. The Firm can handle those issues and avoid additional ones. Media and public relations prediction and planning can not only save your organization but elevate it.

The Firm connects you to a network of organizations and professionals who are facing similar challenges and successes. Learning and assessment shouldn’t happen in a bubble.

The Firm has the expertise to develop your organization from the board to your executive branch right into your community stakeholders and advisory boards.


Not Performative or Punitive

There are many challenges...


Best Practices, Best Results

...We find ways to address them for organizational growth. 

Diversity & Growth

We work at the nexus of an organization’s purpose, culture, and social impact efforts, to create environments that are rich in DE&I.

We work to optimize an organization’s competitive advantage while expanding their growth and organizational performance.

Devoted To Building Change

We advise businesses, governments, not-for-profits, foundations and educational institutions.

We align an organization’s purpose with a workplace culture rich in strategic high impact diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) interventions and external social impact efforts,

We work to strengthen their competitive positioning, performance and fiscal gain.